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Lesson 8: Similarity (I)

April 21, 2011

 Vocabulary on Similarity

Lesson 8: Similarity (Notes)

Similarity Worksheets

Word Problems on Similarity Works sheet 

I Have to Know by the End of this Lesson

There are some interesting links on the concepts explained in this lesson.

Here you are the IXL site with basic exercises:

There are also other sites with questions of higher level.

In this page we look at plans drawn to a particular scale. Recall that
A scale is used to represent real life measurements on the smaller plan.

In this other web you can solve word problems and questions of higher level.

Finally watch the following videos.

First of all you have to listen to “Les Luthiers”.This video is about Thales’ Theorem. It is in Spanish but it is a great video. Les Luthiers must sing it in English.

Being serious, we will finish with this two videos in English, more instructive but less funny!